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The (US)-based fashion brand, operating under a confidentiality agreement so we can’t mention the name, referred to as the E-commerce brand, embraces the essence of femininity. It presents a demi-couture assortment of enduring, elegant, and tailor-made garments designed for women.

Founded on the principle of elevating and empowering women, the brand’s collections showcase remarkable silhouettes, opulent fabrics, and vibrant hues. The founder’s vision is to inspire confidence and strength through fashion.

Dedicated to artisanal craftsmanship, the brand ensures a personalized shopping journey by hosting exclusive ateliers in select fashion hubs, creating an intimate and bespoke experience for its clientele.

The average order value (AOV) of the brand is very high, with purchases typically exceeding 2300$. This is due to the brand’s positioning in the luxury market.

The Initial Situation

  • Poorly Optimized Ads
  • Poor Targeting
  • Ad Creative is not eye catching
  • No testing
  • Large number of overlapping audiences
  • High CPM and CPC
  • No retargeting database or pixel setup
  • No testing was conducted

What We Did

We initially made some plans and 4 strategies and started to work out on them. We had 4 different campaigns based on the market: USA – EUROPE – AUSTRALIA and the rest of the world

We chose to assign about half of our budget to the USA campaign and, building on the favorable outcomes, decided to broaden its scope. The alterations made to the campaign structure and optimization proved instrumental in rapidly amplifying its success. Consequently, the return on ad spend surged from 9x in August to a steady average of around 23.97x, excluding the results for January.

In regards to the creative content, another agency partner who adheres to strict brand guidelines was responsible for all the work.

Initial Situation and GA Approach

To enhance our approach, we initiated a comprehensive analysis of the brand’s target market, meticulously pinpointing the key attributes of their ideal customer. This insight facilitated an understanding of the language and terminology likely used by these customers in their quest for luxury dresses online. Subsequently, we harnessed this knowledge to identify pertinent and high-performing keywords for the brand, forming the foundation for targeted ad campaigns.

In tandem with focusing on specific keywords, we broadened the geographical reach of our campaigns to engage a diverse audience across different nations. Employing location targeting enabled us to display ads to users in specific countries or regions, while language targeting ensured visibility among users proficient in specific languages. This multi-pronged approach aimed to maximize the brand’s visibility across various countries and regions.

Execution-wise, we crafted a series of meticulous Google Ads campaigns featuring precise keywords and messaging tailored to specific audiences likely to be interested in the brand’s luxury dresses. Our strategy included a mix of search and display ads to reach audiences across the web, supplemented by remarketing campaigns targeting users who had previously interacted with the brand. This approach aimed to bolster the brand’s presence among users already expressing interest, increasing the likelihood of conversion into customers.

Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored performance using Google Ads’ analytics tools, allowing us to track the efficacy of different keywords and ad groups. Regular adjustments were made to optimize campaigns, with A/B testing applied to assess variations in ads and landing pages to identify the most effective versions.

In summation, our strategy, encompassing leveraging brand strength, expanding campaign reach, and targeting precise keywords to engaged audiences, yielded success in boosting visibility and driving sales for the brand.

USA: 30x ROAS average for 9 months!

Worldwide: 31x ROAS average for 9 months!

Monthwise Ad report Proofs

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The (US)-based fashion brand, operating under a confidentiality agreement so we can’t mention the name,

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