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More than a mere swimwear brand, PuttaShoeOnIt is a manifestation of the aspiration to create and bestow beauty. It originates from the commitment to craft swimsuits that celebrate diverse forms of beauty. Recognizing that beauty is not confined to a singular shape, PuttaShoeOnIt believes that every woman deserves a swimsuit that instills a sense of love and appreciation in them!

The Initial Situation

These are the primary issues we identified during our discovery call:

– Although the funnel structure based on campaign/ad set names was ostensibly in place, there were problems with exclusions upon closer examination. Exclusions were limited to only purchasers and individuals who interacted on Instagram.
– The initial strategy involved two weeks of traffic campaigns, followed by the addition of the add-to-cart optimization. However, the pixel contained largely inaccurate information. It’s important to note that these two optimization approaches are not designed for direct selling purposes.
– While the creatives were of exceptional quality, no testing had been conducted. There was a lack of precision in communications, with no testing of different angles or copy. Despite the product’s high quality, the messaging remained general and haphazard.
– Audiences were not thoroughly tested; the previous agency opted for a broad audience approach and utilized a Lookalike Audience (LAL) based on add-to-cart data.

What We Did

Our goals were clear:
Find out a profitable audience and specific working communication.
It was necessary to introduce our structure correcting their old and wrong one.
Not just Cold Sales: we had to study a Retargeting strategy; one that will increase Customer Lifetime Value over time to lower Acquisition Costs.
Scale our campaign at the end of June – beginning of July, where they normally have their peak.

We formulated various hypotheses to refine our approach:

– What types of content yield the best results? Modeling shoots, high-quality videos, User Generated Content (UGC), showcasing the costume, or focusing on intricate details.
– Is their sales funnel appropriately configured? Identifying and addressing bottlenecks for improvement.
– How could we enhance their Lifetime Value (LTV)?

Executing our strategy involved testing different interests to determine the most responsive audience. Addressing one of the issues, we built precise audiences and implemented the correct campaign structure for audience testing. Specifically, a Top of the Funnel (TOFU) campaign was initiated, excluding the Hot Audience typically present in the Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) and Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) phases.

We tested approximately ten audiences, and the results were surprisingly straightforward: the most profitable audiences were those interested in “Swimsuits” and a classic broad audience.

To refine our targeting, we opted to work exclusively within the age range of 18-40. Given the inherently vibrant and attention-grabbing nature of these swimsuits, tailored for a younger audience, we deliberately excluded those aged 40 and above.
We opted to explore the full spectrum of content provided by the client:

– Modeling photoshoots
– High-quality videos produced by a professional videographer
– Full swimsuit photos
– Combinations featuring different swimsuits
– Detailed shots highlighting specific aspects

Crucially, we recognized the need to test various communication approaches in our copy. Initially, the focus was on expressing femininity and accentuating the body, but the results were unsatisfactory.

Upon conducting thorough competitor research, we unearthed a significant insight: most women purchase a swimsuit not primarily for showcasing but rather for the design and quality of materials. This realization was further solidified by scrutinizing comments on major competitors’ posts and Trustpilot reviews.

In response, we pivoted our messaging angle towards emphasizing the product’s quality, its origin of manufacturing (Italy), and the innovative design, aligning with the preferences revealed through our research.
With the help of our CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) expert, we implemented numerous optimizations from our Page Product Checklist to enhance the page significantly before the upcoming launch. The key improvements include:

– Crafting a descriptive product title
– Strategically placing the Call to Action (CTA) as the most prominent element on the screen
– Positioning delivery information and returns details below the product
– Incorporating customer reviews below the product, accompanied by stars above the reviewer’s name
– Enhancing the size chart for improved clarity
– Presenting relevant information below the products
– Improving the readability of product information through enhanced formatting
– Shifting the copy to emphasize benefits rather than features
– Implementing an “Add to Cart” process with a smart popup confirming the addition to the cart
– Incorporating cross-sell and suggested product selections below the main product.

Initial Situation and GA Approach

To enhance our approach, we initiated a comprehensive analysis of the brand’s target market, meticulously pinpointing the key attributes of their ideal customer. This insight facilitated an understanding of the language and terminology likely used by these customers in their quest for luxury dresses online. Subsequently, we harnessed this knowledge to identify pertinent and high-performing keywords for the brand, forming the foundation for targeted ad campaigns.

In tandem with focusing on specific keywords, we broadened the geographical reach of our campaigns to engage a diverse audience across different nations. Employing location targeting enabled us to display ads to users in specific countries or regions, while language targeting ensured visibility among users proficient in specific languages. This multi-pronged approach aimed to maximize the brand’s visibility across various countries and regions.

Execution-wise, we crafted a series of meticulous Google Ads campaigns featuring precise keywords and messaging tailored to specific audiences likely to be interested in the brand’s luxury dresses. Our strategy included a mix of search and display ads to reach audiences across the web, supplemented by remarketing campaigns targeting users who had previously interacted with the brand. This approach aimed to bolster the brand’s presence among users already expressing interest, increasing the likelihood of conversion into customers.

Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored performance using Google Ads’ analytics tools, allowing us to track the efficacy of different keywords and ad groups. Regular adjustments were made to optimize campaigns, with A/B testing applied to assess variations in ads and landing pages to identify the most effective versions.

In summation, our strategy, encompassing leveraging brand strength, expanding campaign reach, and targeting precise keywords to engaged audiences, yielded success in boosting visibility and driving sales for the brand.

USA: 30x ROAS average for 9 months!

Worldwide: 31x ROAS average for 9 months!

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More than a mere swimwear brand, PuttaShoeOnIt is a manifestation of the aspiration to create


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